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Top 4 Custom Trade Show Display Ideas That Is Sure To Attract Visitors

Posted by Best Tradeshow Display on Mar 18th 2019

Trade shows open a window of opportunities for marketing and product promotions. You get to clearly showcase your products, introduce potential customers to your services, and build networks with other such companies in the industry. However, the real challenge comes up when you must display everything in the limited space you have. So, how do you attract visitors to your products with the space constraints in the limited time, and more importantly, how do you make your booth stand out in
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4 Common Mistakes to Avoid Ensuring a Successful Tradeshow

Posted by Best Tradeshow Display on Mar 15th 2019

There is no denying the fact that tradeshows provide us with a great opportunity to increase awareness about our brands and promote business, but if not done well, they may backfire as well. In order to ensure that everything falls in place on the “big day”, it is vital that you are well prepared. Below are 4 common mistakes to avoid ensuring a successful tradeshow:-A bad display booth - Tradeshows are all about looking good and professional. Your tradeshow booth marks your first impression on t
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WaveLight® Casonara SEG Light Box Display Walls

Posted by Makitso Displays on Feb 26th 2019

February 26, 2019WaveLight® Casonara SEG Light Box Display Walls-360º SEG LIGHT BOXBreathe new light into your brand, exhibit, event or retail shop with the WaveLight® Casonara SEG Light Box Displays. This pioneering new SEG tension fabric light box is designed to make backlit graphics more portable, modular and customizable. Our 360º illumination technology provides more visibility for your brand and more places to present your ideas. We have also color coded the frames which provide our users
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WaveLine® XL Blimp Towers & STORAGE ROOM

Posted by Makitso Displays on Feb 14th 2019

February 05, 2019WaveLine® XL Blimp Towers& STORAGE ROOM Here at MAKITSO®, we take great pride in leading the pack when it comes to elevating brands. We have always produced products that are innovative and attention-grabbing. We continue along with this tradition with the new WaveLine® XL Blimp Towers.Get your brand seen with the WaveLine® XL Blimp Tower. Built-on lightweight extruded aluminum frames wrapped in vibrant dye-sublimation graphic prints, this display tower is designed to a
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WaveLight® Air Wall & Podium inflatable backlit display system

Posted by Best TradeShow Display on Dec 8th 2018

WaveLight® Air Wall Kit 10ft Flat LED Lightbox DisplayThe WaveLight® Air Wall Kit is an eye-catching combination of backlit inflatable displays backed by a lightweight tension fabric display wall. The WaveLight® Air Wall and Podium Double Sided display draws consumers attention with bright LED’s that flood the fabric graphics while the WaveLine® Display Wall creates a focal point for branding your business.Step into the Light™ with our new WaveLight® Air Wall Kit 10ft, a
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