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Air Dome custom inflatable tent

Posted by Best Tradeshow Display on Aug 12th 2022

Custom Printed Inflatable Tents

 Our team made the best efforts to create and innovate a promotional display that would leave long-lasting impressions, the result was the Air Dome! This one-of-a-kind display with a cutting-edge design will ensure your brand gets the attention it deserves at any indoor or outdoor event! This Air Dome comes with Dacron® shell fabric and premium-quality, fully customizable printed top fabric that is fire retardant and has PU coating to help protect against the wind, water, and UV rays, making it perfect for outdoor exposure. In addition, its particular Aerodynamic Shape and anchoring system helps withstand harsh weather conditions on rough terrains. 

The Air Dome AIT (Airtight Inner Tube) technology is special because it does not require constant airflow and the air is sealed as soon as the dome is completely inflated.
Lastly, the Air Dome is Tool-Free, takes 5 minutes to set up, and comes with a transport bag for easy transporting when always on the go!

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