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4 Common Mistakes to Avoid Ensuring a Successful Tradeshow

Posted by Best Tradeshow Display on Mar 15th 2019

There is no denying the fact that tradeshows provide us with a great opportunity to increase awareness about our brands and promote business, but if not done well, they may backfire as well. In order to ensure that everything falls in place on the “big day”, it is vital that you are well prepared. Below are 4 common mistakes to avoid ensuring a successful tradeshow:-

A bad display booth - Tradeshows are all about looking good and professional. Your tradeshow booth marks your first impression on the visitors, so a bad display booth is an absolute no. It should be vibrant and effectively showcase what your business is all about. If there is one thing that you should never skimp your budget on, it is the booth. From signs and frames to table covers and pop up banner stands, make sure that everything on display is just right.

Cheesy giveaways - Giveaways have worked in the past and it is not actually a bad idea to use them as a promotional strategy. However, cheesy giveaways can negatively impact your brand, so it is advisable that you choose these items with extra care. Take the time to think about which promotional item will complement your brand and make you memorable to event attendees.

Not being clear- Just like you, there are a lot of more other companies/competitors in the tradeshow, which are trying their best to grab people’s attention. So, providing a lot of information simply does not help. If the people failed to figure out what you do from your provided information, chances are that they will keep walking. This is the last thing you want after you have put so much effort in preparing your booth. So, try to be as clear, precise, and unique as you can be.

Not using social media - It is 2019 and the social media industry is at boom. From kids to the elderly and small start-up companies to large corporations, virtually everyone is active on various social media platforms. If you are not promoting your business on these sites and linking it to your upcoming tradeshow, it would be too optimistic of you to expect a lot from the event. It is important that you interact with your potential clients and provide them with important updates regularly, so they can show up in big numbers and make your show a huge success.

Mistakes are often discovered by businesses once the tradeshows are over, avoid them! Partner with Best Tradeshow Displays today to stand out from the rest and rock your next show.