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4 Ways To Maintain Hygiene At A Trade Show Booth

Posted by Best Tradeshow Display on May 11th 2020

As the coronavirus pandemic brings the entire world to a standstill, trade shows, including tech conferences, commodities fairs, real estate fairs, and more, have either been canceled or postponed. It has been estimated that the trade show industry was one of the first to be hit by the effects of the pandemic. Organizers have suffered millions of dollars in losses while there has been extensive disruption to business plans of participants. COVID-19 has shut the industry down and it is difficult to estimate when things will get back to normal. But when it does, there will and should be an increased focus on hygiene, along with social distancing norms. And if you find yourself taking part in a show, here are some ways in which you can maintain hygiene in your booth:

Set up a hand sanitizer station

This is arguably the most important thing that you can do to keep your booth clean and yourself and your visitors safe. We all know that the best way to curb the spread of the coronavirus is to wash and sanitize our hands at regular intervals. Even in a post-pandemic, this is a great way to ensure public hygiene.

Sanitize the booth

Trade shows are attended by thousands of people, and it is safe to assume that at least a few of them could be sick. And as the saying goes, better safe than sorry, so you must sanitize your booth properly to ensure that it does not remain contaminated. This will not just protect your booth staff but also your customers and clients.

Have waste taken out regularly

Waste can build up pretty quickly at trade shows, especially in industries like food and beverages. While this doesn’t just pertain to a post-pandemic world, it is a part of basic hygiene to ensure that waste is taken out and not allowed to accumulate. You must always have a proper waste disposal system in place.

Keep all your serving ware clean

If your trade show booth serves food, the serving ware you use should be clean. You may have always been careful about it, but now it has become more crucial than ever. If there is no system in place that allows you to wash dishes on-site, you must use paper cups and plates, which must then be disposed of.

Public health is everybody’s responsibility, and you too must do your part. Get the Hanz Automatic Hand Sanitizer Dispenser and Stand at Best Tradeshow Display, which serves as a touch-free sanitizer station and also allows you to display a brand message.