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Amazing Benefits Of Tension Fabric Exhibition Displays

Posted by Best Tradeshow Display on Mar 30th 2020

Conventional exhibition displays came with printed graphic panels that were placed onto the display frame piece by piece. With technological advancements in the past few years, there has come about a shift from traditional exhibition display stands to printed tension fabric displays which are manufactured in a single piece. These are not only easy to transport but also to store when not being used. As the print technology continues to get better, the uses to which tension fabric material may be put to just keep on increasing! From highly attractive tensioned fabric exhibition display stands to flags and table cloths, the possibilities are endless.

When compared to traditional graphics, tension display fabric is easier to shape because of which the latter is rapidly becoming an attractive and feasible alternative for a huge variety of exhibition and tradeshow products. Think roller banners to pop up stands and everything else in between! We wouldn’t be completely wrong to call tension fabric exhibition displays the new king of the world of exhibition graphics. These usually consist of lightweight aluminum poles or tubes. The graphic is printed onto a fabric that comes with a slight stretch.

Here are some benefits of tension fabric exhibition displays which have the potential to draw the attention of all exhibitors:

1. The frame of a tension fabric exhibition display remains hidden and does not cause any distraction from the message you want to convey to the attendees of the tradeshow in general and those who come to visit your booth in particular.

2. The aluminum poles are not only robust, sturdy, and made to last for years to come but also do not have a lot of weight. They are easy to carry and transport from one place to another. So, you do not need a dedicated group of people to ensure these exhibition display stands reach the desired location on time.

3. The assembly part of fabric display stands is no brainer! It does not take much time and is quite easy to learn. No special training is required for the same. A bonus, this gives you more time to ensure that all other aspects of your booth are top-notch and flawless!

4. These displays are built to last and the parts are easily replaceable which makes them a good investment. So, you do not need to fret in case you lose a part. Instead of spending a huge amount on a brand new display stand, just replace the required part.

5. The unusual curves and shapes these displays come in make them quite attractive and the more attractive your exhibition display stands are, the more crowded your trade booth is going to be!

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