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Effective Marketing Strategies To Use Brochure Display Stand

Posted by Best Tradeshow Display on Mar 2nd 2020

Even in the world driven by digitalization, the traditional methods of business promotion are still the first preference of most businesspersons. When you have a physical outlet, implementing offline marketing strategies, such as mounting brochure display stand, provides you with the same benefits and profits as online marketing.

brochure display stand not only introduces your business to potential clients but also gives them the freedom to pick up one of the displayed brochures and take home. This portable merchandise will constantly remind your clients about your products, services, and even your store as a whole. You can say, a brochure helps in planting a seed that eventually grows and gives you the fruit of big sales in the future.

If you want to know how you can use brochures and displays to promote your business and brand name, and increase sales, keep reading below:

Where Should You Place Your Brochure Display Stand?

When your goal is to increase footfalls in your store and accelerate sales, where you place your displays is crucial. The location of displays ensures your customers can easily spot them or even inquire about them. Shared are some suggestions to strategically place your displays.

  • At the store’s entrance - The very first thing your customer will notice after setting their foot inside is displays. Even you can place them at the exit door so that they can grab one before leaving your store.
  • Near the cash register - Placement of displays at the point-of-purchase is extremely effective and beneficial. You can use brochure stands to display upcoming sales announcements, information on future events, promote additional service they may not aware of, and how they can find you online or on social networks.
  • Adjacent to products or sales items - Placing a setup of displays near products and sales items increases the chances of customers noticing the selling products that they otherwise would have missed. Even you can add details like information about products or how long the sale lasts.
  • Outside the store - when you make the outdoor marketing strong, consider placing displays stand outside your store. This will catch the attention of passersby even if they have no plans to enter your store.

How Should You Emphasize Your Displays and Brochures?

When you want to get highlighted from a mile, consider trying some of the mentioned tips:

  • Add lights - decorative lights instantly grab the attention of shoppers. When you want customers to spot your marketing displays, think of keeping them under a strong spotlight.
  • Avoid too many products - A display stand overflowing with marketing materials looks like a flea market. Ensure that you have a neat marketing display with only new and best-selling products and essential information about your store, and nothing else.

These marketing strategies will certainly help you grow your business, promote your brand name, and increase sales.