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Makitso® Blade 4K Digital Kiosk Displays

Posted by Makitso® USA on Jun 4th 2018

Makitso® Blade 4K Digital Kiosk Displays

Makitso® Blade 4K Digital Kiosk Displays

–TradeShow and Retail Applications

The Makitso® Blade Digital Kiosk Display creates a lasting impression in the mind of your audience through personal interactive experiences. With 4K UHD Color-Vibrant Screen with optional 10pt Capacitive Touch(USB), the Makitso® Blade can have Black or White Powder Coated Finish with optional printed glass cover pane.

Get into Gear with the Makitso® Blade

Whether you're planning an engaging new display for an exhibition, registering visitors for an interactive product launch, or collecting signatures to save the planet, you'll need a kiosk that works for any occasion. We've selected our favorite accessories to help take the Makitso® Blade Digital Kiosk and your events to the next level.

Perfect for Trade Shows and Events.
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1. Side Bars with Banner Print

2. Header Blank or Printed

3. Brochure Holder

4. Circular Side Shelf

5. Long Shelves with Optional Add-On USB Charging Ports

6. Lithium-Ion Battery and Wheel Dolly

Add-On Accessories:

  • Wheel Dolly (not stocked)
  • Lithium-Ion Battery (not-stocked)
  • Triangular Shelf
  • Circular Shelf
  • Long Rectangular Shelf with Optional Lightening/Micro USB Charging Cables
  • Brochure Holder
  • 12" Side Bars for Banner Graphics (2)
  • Plexl Header, Black or White, with optional printed graphic

Perfect for Trade Shows and Events.
See our complete Makitso® Blade Digital Kiosk Collection →