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Nomas Air Inflatable 20ft Outdoor Event Tent

Posted by Makitso® USA on Aug 16th 2018

Nomas Air Inflatable Outdoor Event Tent
Our inflatable tents are an attractive and affordable solution for hosting any indoor exhibit or outdoor event. With quick and easy set up coupled with vibrant, long-lasting graphics, the Nomas Inflatable Air Tent is ideal for commercial or recreational use. For Additional Information: Please Call: 1-866-652-6126

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The Nomas Inflatable Tent improves the efficiency of a rapid pitch tent. Your custom graphics slide over the durable inner core with a single zipper while maintaining durability for outdoor element exposure.

Whether you're planning a charming wildlife reception, passing out water for a marathon, or pop-up shop for an exhibit, you'll need a tent for every occasion. The Nomas Air Tent is here to help take your event to the next level.
Nomas Air Inflatable Tent
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