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Wavelight Inflatable LED Backlit Counters Collection

Posted by Best TradeShow Display on Jul 2nd 2018

Wavelight Inflatable LED Backlit Counters Collection

We love to elevate brands and messages and we've always wanted products that are innovative and attention-grabbing. Today we have that with our WaveLight® Air Collection of Counters and Mini Counters.

WaveLight® Air Counters

The new WaveLight® Air Backlit Inflatable Counter is the pinnacle of inflatable counter marketing with a 360° brilliantly displayed backlit graphic and a quick and easy set up in under 30 seconds. This pump it up counter will compliment your exhibit and make it stand out.

WaveLight® Air Mini Counters

The new WaveLight® Air Backlit Inflatable Counter Mini creates a luminous center-point for meetings, projects and events. It has an inner core that is durable, stable and strong enough to sit on without collapsing. Bright LED's flood the fabric graphic with a backlight creating an eye-catching focal point for branding your business.


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